Supership strives to promote connectedness throughout the world to enrich the lives of people.

Connecting everything to everyone through the power of technology.


Supership, as a data technology company, is built on a solid foundation of reliable technology. Our company continues to develop a variety of diverse services through our wealth of knowledge and wide range of innovative approaches.Supership strives to provide a higher level of connectedness and accessibility to the internet world centering around smartphones.

Supership strives to promote connectednessthroughout the world to enrich the lives of people.








Tech Company with cutting edge-technology




President & CEO Koichi Morioka

President & CEO Koichi Morioka

Supership is the tech company
that invigorates Japan via the Internet.

Our company was established through a definitive merger between ScaleOut Inc., Bitcellar Inc., and nanapi Inc. in 2015.
Talented people with various expertise and backgrounds, such as specialists in Internet companies, consulting firms, and ad agencies, including lawyers and other professionals came together to form a highly skilled team called Supership. Since our company was establishment, AppVador Inc,and Socket Inc. have also joined our organization which has given our team at Supership an even more diverse pool of talent and deeper knowledge of the industry.
In the past few years, the Internet has not only drastically shifted from computers to smartphones, but it has also leapt out of information communication devices and is contributing to a brand new world where all devices are connected known as the Internet of Things (IoT).
By combining our industry leading ad technology and life-enriching services, our highly skilled team of professionals at Supership strive to make a huge impact on the internet world by connecting everything to everyone through the power of technology.
As a young company established in 2015, we continue to enjoy the spirit of challenge that comes with being a startup. However, we also take advantage of the strong support provided by our parent company, KDDI CORPORATION, that enables us to rapidly launch large-scale businesses and disrupt the industry.
In cooperation with our clients, business partners, and service users, Supership continues to grow into a powerful tech company that invigorates Japan though our cutting-edge technology, talented staff, and reliable environment.


2000 - Intelligence, Ltd

2002 - Yahoo Japan Corporation
Content Producer, mainly around recruiting and healthcare Founded Indival, a joint venture between Yahoo Japan and Recruit.
Director, Platform Service Division

2010 - Facebook Japan
Head of Business Development

Director, New business development division

2015 - Supership Inc.





About Our Ad Platform Business

Supership operates the nation’s largest advertising business using cutting-edge ad technologies, centering around the ad distribution platform business, digital agency business, and infrastructure business.

Our Ad Platform Business

Supership continuously develops optimized ad platform products and provides them to advertisers and publishers because they demand only the best advertising solutions.
The most important thing for advertisers is a platform that can analyze data and achieve results through optimized promotions. Our platform offers a number of demand side solutions, such as, 「AppVador's Video Ad Network」 and 「ScaleOut DSP」 that targets users with precision based on advertiser goals, a DMP that contains a wealth of data which makes data-driven marketing a reality, a SSP(「Ad Generation」) that is highly valued for generating revenue, especially in the app business. The combination of these products provides our customers with a total advertising solution that can meet a wide range of digital marketing needs.

About Our Agency Business

From marketing strategies and media planning centering around internet advertising to a trading desk that supports digital marketing, our Agency Business delivers a one-stop solution to our clients.

Agency Business Advantage

The Agency Business, as a partner who makes the goals of an advertiser a reality, provides a one-stop solution that extends from marketing strategies and promotional planning to the implementation of specific measures and results verification.
Major advertisers continue to choose our trading desk because we develop products based on our technological and data expertise and we can provide a wealth of operational know-how in the digital marketing area.



Supership develops services for a wide range of fields, including communications and media.
By taking advantage of our technical strengths and experience in service development, we are actively engaging in the creation of new, out-of-the-box businesses.


Diversity of B2C Services

The services that we offer are based on the our vision of striving to promote connectedness throughout the world to enrich the lives of people. We continuously look for ways to improve the services that we provide to give greater value to all our services users regardless of the area.
We pride ourselves on offering a variety of value to all service users through the internet without limiting business areas and online/offline distinctions. Our services are dedicated to increasing the enjoyment in the lives of our users through media, creating new modes of communication through chat services, ensuring internet life is more convenient with a search functions, and many, many, more.
Supership will continue to challenge ourselves to provide new services by considering every possibility.



Supership established Syn.alliance with partner companies in order to offer high quality services in various business areas. Through these alliances, and many other valuable solutions have been created.
Our platform is constructed and operated to offer an environment that fosters business co-creation through the mutual use of these solutions that it also connects the services together.



Company name
Supership Inc.
December 2007
Tatsumura-Aoyama Bldg. 5-4-35 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
341,382,250 Yen (as of Feb. 2017)
President & CEO : Koichi Morioka
Executive Vice President : Takeshi Ohasa
220(as of Feb. 2017)
Internet services


Head Office

Tatsumura Aoyama Bldg. 5-4-35
Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 107-0062

8-minute walk from Omotesando (Tokyo Metro)

Satellite Office

Ohararyu Kaikan 7th Floor,
Aoyama Ohara Bldg.
5-7-17 Minami-Aoyama,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

7-minute walk from Omotesando (Tokyo Metro)

West Japan Office

Higobashi IP Bldg. 401
1-18-35 Edobori, Nishi-ku,
Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture

5-minute walk from Higobashi Station (Osaka Metro)


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