President’s message


代表取締役社長CEO 大朝 毅

Data Technology Companyを目指します。

Supership aims to be a data technology company
that creates new value all over the world.






Our company was established through an amalgamation of a variety of startup companies involved in the business of utilizing digital advertising, data consulting, data and technology, and Internet media. We continue to utilize the data and technology from these startups to develop our business.

Data has become so essential that it is being referred to as the oil of the 21st century. Although many people now understand the importance of data, most are still unsatisfied with the current situation of data utilization.

Supership supports our clients in their digital transformation and expands their business through data utilization. We believe that data utilization requires not only business and marketing knowledge, it also requires an understanding of cutting-edge technology and sophisticated operations in place with strict security systems and internal controls. 0ur company puts this understanding of data utilization into practice and takes pride in helping our clients in various ways.

In addition, we are also a hybrid startup company that has the speed and spirit of challenge unique to these companies, as well as the wealth of funds, alliance, and to contact with users and other resources available to a large company. By fully leveraging these resources, we can do business on a large-scale in a speedy manner.

Supership places primary importance on its highly-talented staff, and through this we will create value for society. With the advanced technological capabilities created by highly-talented human resources and the high-quality data that forms the core of our business, we shall go forward with our clients, our partners, and the users of our services, and grow to become a company that creates yet more energy in Japan, Asia, and around the world.


代表取締役社長CEO大朝 毅

2004年KDDIとエキサイトのジョイントベンチャーである株式会社Duogateを設立し、代表取締役社長に就任。2007年KDDI株式会社 コンシューマ事業統括本部 コンテンツ・メディア本部 ポータルビジネス部長を務めた後、同年、KDDI子会社の株式会社medibaの代表取締役社長に就任。2014年KDDI株式会社 新規ビジネス推進本部 副本部長を務めた後、同年、Supership代表取締役副社長に就任。その後、Supershipグループ各社の役員を歴任し、2017年よりKDDI株式会社 理事就任。2018年よりSupership株式会社 代表取締役社長CEO、Supershipホールディングス株式会社 代表取締役会長に就任し、現在に至る。


President & CEO :Takeshi Ohasa

1986 – Joined DDI Corp. (currently KDDI Corp.)
2004 – Duogate Inc. (President, Representative Director)
2006 – GREE Inc. (Director)
2007 – KDDI Corp. Consumer Business Sector, Content & Media Sector, Portal Business Department (Manager)
2009 – mediba Inc. (President, Representative Director)
2014 – KDDI Corp. New Business Promotion Division (Vice Executive Director)
Jorte Inc. (Director)
2014 – Supership Inc. (Executive Vice President, Representative Director)
Syn. Holdings Co., Ltd. (currently Supership Holdings Co., Ltd.) (Director)
2016 – Connehito Inc. (Director)
2017 – KDDI Corp. (Director)
Value-added Business Sector, Corporate Strategy Planning Sector (Vice Executive Director)
2017 – Momentum Inc. (Chairman, Representative Director)
2017 – Synario Inc. (Chairman, Representative Director)
2018 – DATUM STUDIO Co., Ltd. (Director)
2018 – Supership Inc. (President, Representative Director)
Supership Holdings Co.,Ltd. (Executive Vice President, Representative Director)