Data enabler



With the accurate data and reliable data utilization technology of Supership, we solve challenges in the management and business of companies by maximizing the value of data and customer contact points that the companies possess.
In addition to providing one-stop assistance for everything in DX promotion from data collection to data use and the creation of business value to major domestic clients, Supership deploys a co-creation business using data and customer contact points of EC, retail, TV media, etc.

  • 統合型データサイエンス

    Hybrid Data Management


    Supershipの高精度なデータと分析技術、Databricks社の統合データ分析プラットフォームで、高速処理が可能なデータ分析基盤の構築から3rd Partyデータの提供、分析基盤での機械学習などを用いたデータ分析まで、ワンストップで提供します。


    Our highly accurate data and analytics technology together with Databricks’ Unified Data Analytics Platform, we Supership help you from building the data analytics platform for high-speed processing, providing 3rd party data, to analysing data using machine learning on the platform — all in one stop.

    • 機械学習
    • 統合データ分析プラットフォーム
    • データ分析基盤
    • データ活用
    • Machine Learning
    • unified data analytics platform
    • data analytics platform
    • data utilization

  • サイト内検索・検索広告

    Website Searches / Search Advertising

    Supership Search Solution
    Supership Search Solution(S4)

    「Supership Search Solution(S4)」は、Supershipが誇る豊富なデータを活用し、検索結果の最適化やパーソナライズを実現するサイト内検索ソリューションです。

    Supership Search Solution (S4) is a search solution that takes advantage of our company’s wealth of data to personalize and optimize search results within sites.

    • ECサイト
    • サイト内検索
  • データアナリティクス・AI

    Data analytics / AI



    Data analytics / AI


    • データサイエンス
    • 機械学習
    • 深層学習
    • ディープラーニング
    • データ活用
    • データマネジメント

  • SMS配信

    SMS Delivery

    KDDI Message Cast
    KDDI Message Cast(KDDIメッセージキャスト)

    「KDDI Message Cast」は、携帯電話番号宛てに「SMS」や 「+メッセージ(プラスメッセージ)」による 確実性の高いメッセージを送ることができるサービスです。

    KDDI Message Cast

    KDDI Message Cast is a service that allows customers to send SMS and +Message messages to mobile telephone numbers with the confidence that their messages will be read.

    • SMS配信
    • 本人認証
    • SMS Delivery
    • User Authentication


Marketing consulting

  • data marketing consulting
    広告運用サービスAd Management Service


    A one-stop ad management service that focuses on programmatic advertising with data and technology to offer total support for digital advertising strategies, operational planning, and ad operations.

    • 広告運用
    • デジタル広告
    • 広告運用サービス

  • data marketing consulting


    A marketing consulting service that creates innovation through data and technology.

    • コンサルティング
    • データマーケティング
    • データドリブンIMC
    • パーセプションフロー・モデル
    • カスタマージャーニー
    • 0次分析


EC consulting

  • Yahoo!ショッピング Consulting Service
    Yahoo!ショッピング コンサルティングサービス


    We provide advertising operation support and consulting services by systematizing the successful know-how practiced by stores that actually sell well, based on our extensive experience in e-commerce at Yahoo! shopping.

    • EC service
    • consulting
    • Yahoo Shopping
  • Rakuten Consulting Service
    楽天市場 コンサルティングサービス


    We provide advertising operation support and consulting services by systematizing the successful know-how practiced by stores that actually sell well, based on our extensive experience in e-commerce at Rakuten.

    • EC service
    • consulting
    • Rakuten
  • Rakuten Consulting Service
    Amazon 広告運用代行サービス


    Utilizing our consulting know-how for EC mall operators and our data-based analytical skills,we operate Amazon advertisements efficiently on your behalf, with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness.

    • EC service
    • consulting
    • Amazon
  • XR



    A content production team specializing in advanced technology will handle everything from VR planning and production to editing, distribution, and viewing environment maintenance.

    • XR制作
    • VR動画配信
    • XR Production
    • VR Video Streaming